Here at Express Fire, we’re passionate about everything that we do and that doesn’t stop with our commitment to the environment and sustainability. 


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We provide our customers with environmentally friendly product choices where possible and we are continually developing new and enhanced products that are kinder to the environment:

  • Fire extinguishers with the Milieukeur eco-label

  • PFOA and PFOS free foam fire extinguishers

  • Higher fire ratings on smaller extinguishers

  • We offer smaller fire extinguishers with higher fire ratings as the smaller fire extinguishers are better for the environment with less energy required in their production as well as a lower carbon footprint and reduced disposal required at the end of life

  • The TITAN Kitemarked fire extinguisher range offers a number of products that are Milieukeur approved:

    • Milieukeur is the Dutch national eco-label for more sustainable non-food products and services. Milieukeur’s criteria are based on the life cycle of a product or service and include various sustainability themes

    • Miliekeur products can be identified by the following logo in our product brochure and online:

  • We offer a number of fire extinguishers that are made only with pure water and/or are without additives and these are signified by the following symbol:

  • When purchasing products and materials we endeavour to bulk buy in order to reduce energy consumption including transportation and reduce the carbon footprint

  • We do not sell firefighting foam or AFFF fire extinguishers that contain PFOA or PFOS. In general settings where fire cover is required for Class A and B fire risks we actively encourage customers to replace AFFF foam extinguishers with water fire extinguishers

  • We purchase products and services locally where possible therefore reducing the carbon footprint. TITAN EURO offers products including fire extinguishers, wheeled trolley units and automatic extinguishers that are manufactured in Europe which will reduce the carbon footprint of the range


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We work hard to minimise waste throughout our supply chain in our operations and in our offices and warehouse:

  • Product information provided in digital formats

  • Valpak WEEE Distributor Take-Back Scheme partner

  • Pre-treatment of all waste materials

  • Re-use and recycling of old products and materials

  • All general office waste materials are removed on a weekly basis in a correct manner by an approved waste carrier. All items that have been pre-sorted are removed every week

  • We re-use as many spare parts as possible to create new products and expand the life span of products

  • All cardboard and paper waste is pre-treated in accordance with the UK Landfill Regulations Pre-treatment requirements which came into effect on the 30th October 2007 and appropriate waste is recycled through B&M Waste Services and is collected on a weekly basis

  • We contribute to the Valpak WEEE Distributor Take-Back Scheme in accordance with the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Regulations (Registration number 600062 valid until 31 December 2023)

  • Our product catalogue brochure and price list is available in digital format only to reduce paper usage and also the carbon footprint from production and distribution


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We are always looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption and minimise our environmental impacts:

  • Reducing energy consumption including water, electricity and gas in our warehouse and offices

  • Educate, inform and train our staff to reduce our environmental impacts

  • All computers and associated equipment are turned off at night rather than being left on stand-by

  • Flat screen monitors are used thereby reducing energy consumption by over two thirds in comparison with standard screens

  • We only print documentation that is necessary and use duplex and economy printing where possible

  • Ensure that lights and equipment are turned off when not in use to reduce energy usage and waste

  • Ensure our buildings are maintained to a high standard and that all repairs are undertaken quickly to reduce heat loss etc.

  • Ensure that we only boil the amounts of water that are required

  • Ensure that good housekeeping standards are maintained for equipment to ensure efficient operation of equipment

  • Ensure adequate signage and instruction is provided to assist and educate our staff in reducing energy consumption

  • Monitor and evaluate travelling and fuel consumption

  • Throughout 2022 our premises will be upgraded to improve environmental management and ensure compliance including LED lighting, heating and lighting and insulation

  • Educate, inform and train our staff in environmental matters and the relevant impacts of our activities on the environment


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We continually seek to improve our transportation to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • We source stock in the UK and Europe as much as we can do where possible in order to reduce the carbon footprint of products

  • We bulk buy stock to reduce the carbon footprint

  • For deliveries we use two of the UK’s largest courier companies who have a large network and infrastructure, this helps to reduce the number of vehicles on the road making specific journeys therefore reducing the carbon footprint of deliveries

For further information and to find out more, please contact us to request a copy of our Environmental and Sustainability Policy and Waste Management Policy.

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